Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting Sick

People do realize that getting sick once in a while is normal right?

On one of the message boards I check out from time to time, someone posted that they had had a sore throat for two days, and :

I've been taking prednisone, proventil, albuterol, advair, nasonex, oscillococcinum, sambucus, some OTC "immune system booster", vicks vapo spray, and probably some random others for two days now and nothing is working.

Obviously this person is a) a moron and b) insane, but holy crap! He had a sore throat for TWO DAYS, and took, just according to the things he remembered, NINE different medications. And the thread in question is FILLED with people just adding other suggestions, with me being the only one saying "dude!." A lot of people were chiming in with "how about zinc, or echinacea," or whatever nonsense. None of which actually do anything, by the way, but at least they're not mixing a bunch of random drugs in a short period of time.

News flash everyone - you're going to get sick once in a while, and medicine will NOT solve it instantly. Take something so you don't hurt too bad, and fucking wait it out. Medicine doesn't "owe" you instant gratification, and mixing everything you can find is going to fucking KILL you. The kid in question is so aggravatingly stupid and stubborn I hope his liver fails.

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venkman781 said...

Seriously. Just drink whiskey and burn it out.